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“To be aware is to be alive”

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Reginia Baker, MS QMHP


UPROMISE RECOVERY HOUSE is dedicated to providing a safe, caring and supportive environment for residents to begin living a recovering lifestyle and develop healthy new relationships in the surrounding communities. UPROMISE RECOVERY HOUSE affords residents the freedom to develop spiritually in their own way and the structure to assure that their recovery remains their main priority. Through this process, resident will work to gain honesty, independence and responsibility, both financially and emotionally. 

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Our purpose is to provide safe and stable environments for recovering addicts. We set the highest standards of recovery to enable personal growth, a foundation of development for long term recovery, and improving the quality of life while becoming a productive member of society. To provide an innovative approach to help addicts deal with the physical, emotional, and social problems related to addiction and recovery.

To be aware is to be alive.

Our Requirements

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Requirement 1

We require all our residents to be employed, actively seeking employment or enrolled in school and committed to a program of recovery. 


Requirement 2

Our residents are required to attend a minimum of four 12 Step meetings a week, as well as a house meeting  in which we hold our own 12 Step meeting and address any concerns of the residents currently living in our house.


Requirement 3

We require all resident to be involved in outpatient services such as, Mental Health Services, Community Services Broad and etc. Be familiar with Alcohol /Narcotics Anonymous and its principle. Resident must  be willing to participate in recovery group activities. For the protection of all member of the house potential residents are asked to be fully detoxed upon arrival to the house.


Requirement 4

We accept anybody with a self admitted drug and or alcohol problem. We strive to create a welcoming environment for all residents regardless of age, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or disability status.


Requirement 5

We require all our residents to be able to mange their physical emotional and or psychological issues they may have without significant assistance from other resident in the house.



Frequently Asked Questions

All resident are required to remain drug free. Therefore a recovery deposit is required. This policy is non-negotiable.

What can I Bring?

You are welcome to bring mostly anything but please remember space is at a premium here. We want you to feel comfortable here and try to accommodate all residents equally.

What about food?

Residents can bring food in moderation. Each house has two refrigerators and each resident is assigned a refrigerator/pantry space, dishes and cuttery. One thing to remember though is that each resident does not have all that much space to store their food, residents may bring their own (small) refrigerators, to keep in their rooms, if food storage is insufficient.

What about my
my mobile phone?

All residents are permitted to bring and use as they please their mobile phones with no restriction or invasion of privacy what so ever.

What about computers?

Yes, but remember space is at a premium we strongly discourage residents to bring desktop computers due to space limitations. Laptops are absolutely okay.

Can I bring my
own television?

Not in your room, space is at a premium. TV is provided in the common area of the house. We prefer if resident did not isolate in their room as isolation can be dangerous in recovery.

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Reginia Baker, MS QMHP

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